Expo Hannah van Luttervelt

Expo Julie van der Boorn

SBK - Participant Yksi Expo

Expo Social Label

Zilver Werk - participant Yksi Expo

Daria Biryukova - Participant Yksi Expo

Vrienden - participant Yksi Expo

Tristan Frencken - Participant Yksi Expo

Heetman Patijn - participant Yksi Expo

Leonie Werts - participant Yksi Expo

Aleksandra Gaca

Ben Hoek


2014 Sectie C at Yksi Expo

Yksi Expo shows work off the special and vibrant  Sectie C


Sectie C, a former complex of offices and factories on the eastern side of Eindhoven, now provides space for workshops designers and artists. From April the 24th to August the 5th Yksi Expo shows the work of diverse companies and creatives from this particular area. Along with images of Martin Coolen, who, as one of them was able to capture these modern craftsmen off Sectie C.


Participants are:

Nacho Carbonell, Tessa Koot, Sander Wassink, Jelle Mastenbroek, Niels Hoebers, Esther Jongsma, Kirstie Van Noort, Martijn Koomen, Akko Goldenbeld, Rob Van Kaam, Ben Hohmann, Lucie Jansen en Mies Loogman.